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I hope you enjoy these videos showing different aspects of animal behavior. If you have any questions about these videos, or would like to use them, please contact me, Mike Benard, via email: mfbenard (at) gmail com.

Table of Contents:
Dragonfly Danger: Predation on tadpoles
Salamanders Eating in the Rain
Spider Rain Posture
End of the Brood V Cicadas, 2016
Clash of the Desert Spiny Lizards
Battling Elephant Seals
Squirrel in the snow
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Frog tadpoles and salamander larvae face many predators during their aquatic life stage. This video shows Wood Frog Tadpoles and Ambystoma salamander larvae interacting with dragonfly nymphs in a woodland vernal pool. Warning: it contains a graphic view of a dragonfly nymph eating a tadpole.

I spotted these salamanders crawling on trees hunting bugs one rainy night in September 2016. The first video in the playlist shows a redback salamander shooting its tongue at some insects. It happens fast, so at the end of the video I added a slow-motion sequence of the tongue shooting out. The second video shows a red eft also trying to catch insects with its tongue.

I took this video of rain posture in a yellow garden spider in August 2016 during a visit to South Carolina. Through several heavy thunderstorms, this spider would hang from the web by its back legs.

This playlist shows some battered Brood V cicadas near the end of their lives. Despite missing big chunks of their bodies, they are still crawling, flapping wings, and trying to sing.

Clash of the desert spiny lizards.

Battling Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo

I took this video of a squirrel hopping about in the snow on the Case Western Reserve University campus in February 2015.

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