My 13 Favorite Photos of 2016

My 13 Favorite photos of 2016

13: One Fish Says “No”: I took this photo while trying to get the hang of an underwater camera housing. I like how one fish stands out from the others.
One Fish Says "Nope"

12: Brood V Cicada: This photo shows the very first Brood V Cicada I saw in my life. I saw many more during the big Brood V emergence, but I was excited to find this first one.
Brood V Cicada

11: Bubblehead Gray Treefrog: I photographed this frog at the CWRU Farm.
"Bubblehead" Gray Treefrog

10: Spring Salamander in Hand: I saw this big adult in Allegany County, New York. I usually see larval spring salamanders at this site, so it was a real treat to see the adult.
Spring Salamander on hand

9: Spider Swinging in the rain: I watched this spider through several rain storms in South Carolina. It displayed an interesting rain-dodging posture.
Rain posture in yellow garden spider

8: Male unisexual Ambystoma: Most of the “unisexual” hybrid Ambystoma salamanders are females, but very rarely a male does show up. This is the only male hybrid Ambystoma I’ve seen after looking at thousands of them over several years.
Male hybrid Ambystoma

7: Predators causing smaller metamorphosis in toads: These two toads are the same age and metamorphosed on the same day. But the smaller toad grew up in an environment with predators, and the larger toad grew up without predators.
Toadlets come out smaller with predators

6: Underwater Eggscape: Playing with an underwater camera housing gave me a different view of some wood frog eggs close to hatching.
Underwater Eggscape:  Wood Frog Eggs

5: Cuban Treefrog in Cleveland: This invasive frog showed up in Cleveland on a shipment of plants from Florida.
Cuban Treefrog Comes To Cleveland

4: Trapped by the past (Mayapples):
Occasionally, Mayapple shoots will grow through old leaves and get trapped.
Trapped by the past I

3: Painted Turtles on a Log: Two little and one big painted turtle at the CWRU Farm.
Painted Turtles

2: Cricket Frog: I spotted this little frog in the Jean Lafitte National Park, near New Orleans, Louisiana.
Cricket Frog

1: Alligator: This was the first alligator I have seen in the wild in many years. Like the cricket frog, I saw it in the Jean Lafitte National Park. While watching the alligator, I had a great time talking with a person who grew up in the area. He told me stories of how he and his brother would go catch and release them, much like I do with frogs. He had a real appreciation for the creatures.
American Alligator

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