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Introduced goby eaten by native water snake

I moderate a Flickr group called “Snakes eating in nature.” The group contains many wonderful observations of different snakes and the prey they catch in the wild. After the group passed its first 1,000 contributions, I posted a few examples … Continue reading

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Making herpetological coloring pages for kids

I recently posted a bunch of printable pdf coloring pages for kids on the main mister-toad website. They were easy and fun to make. Here is how I did it: I start with a photo of some charismatic animal, usually … Continue reading

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One thousand photos of snakes capturing prey in nature

The internet has been a tremendous boon for gathering and sharing observations about nature. Outlets for natural historians range from interactive websites run by academics like the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s ebird, to informal discussion forums like the FieldHerpForum. One … Continue reading

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Hungry snakes – rough green eats a spider

Following up on the recent post showing a video of a copperhead eating a cicada, here is a cool video from Joe Letsche showing a rough green snake eating a spider. Invertebrates are quite appetizing for some snakes!

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