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sucking the blood of frogs

A couple years ago I posted about leeches eating frog eggs. This year I spotted a struggling juvenile green frog floating near the surface of a pond. It was partway through metamorphosis, with all four legs, but also a long … Continue reading

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Toad Tuesday 1: amplexus with leech

I’m starting a “Toad Tuesday” series for the blog. I’ll try to post a toad photo every week, with minimal information. I’ll also sometimes tweet the photos with #toadtuesday. Here we go: amplexing toads with a leech photobomb:

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Leech Lunch Party

The recent warm weather has me thinking back to last summer’s amphibian fun. One of the coolest natural history observations we made was first noticed by a student researcher who was studying the factors that make a female frogs prefer … Continue reading

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