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Toad Tuesday 4: Couch’s Spadefoot Toad from New Mexico

Photo of a spadefoot toad, buried in the sand. Continue reading

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A glimpse inside a yellowjacket wasp nest

Peel back the outside layers of a yellowjacket wasp nest, and see what it looks like inside. Eggs, larvae, and pupae are packed away in little cells. An adult can be see as it just begins to emerge from its pupa. Continue reading

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Pacific Chorus Frogs in Eagle Nests

Citizen-scientists use remote cameras to watch pacific chorus frogs in eagle nests. You can watch too! Continue reading

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Revisiting the most widely heard amphibian voice

In 1951, George S. Myers, an ichthyologist and curator at the Standford University Natural History Museum, published a paper in Copeia titled “The most widely heard amphibian voice.” He described how the calls of pacific chorus frogs appeared in movies … Continue reading

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One thousand photos of snakes capturing prey in nature

The internet has been a tremendous boon for gathering and sharing observations about nature. Outlets for natural historians range from interactive websites run by academics like the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s ebird, to informal discussion forums like the FieldHerpForum. One … Continue reading

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