American Toad Portraits

Portrait American Toad with mushroom

During the breeding season, adult American Toads gather at wetlands to sing, mate and lay eggs. But during most of the rest of the year the adults spend their time in fields, forests, and even suburbs. This American Toad patiently sat next to a mushroom on the edge of a forest while I took a few photos.

Mushrooms Juvenile Toads

Juvenile Toads Under Mushroom

In good conditions, tens-of-thousands and even hundreds-of-thousands of tiny, recently metamorphosed American toads can swarm out of wetlands and into the surrounding terrestrial habitat. The tiny juveniles are vulnerable to predators like garter snakes and desiccation when it gets too dry. Here you can spot two tiny juvenile toads crouching in the damp mud near a decaying mushroom. The mud will keep the toadlets from drying out. By remaining motionless, the toads reduce the chance they'll be spotted by a predator.

Portrait American Toad

Here is an American Toad from Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Close up of Toad Face

Here is a toad from Allegany County, New York.

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