May Frog Songs: Gray Treefrogs & Green Frogs

May has been a great month for observing calling frogs in northeastern Ohio. Here are a couple videos taken in the last two weeks. The videos show Gray Treefrogs and Green Frogs. You can also hear American Toads and Spring Peepers in the background of some of the videos. Spring Peepers are one of the earliest-breeding frogs in the midwestern United States. They were calling in early March this year. But by May, there were just a few males still hanging out and calling. American toads have had a prolonged calling period this year, with calls ranging from late April through late May. But they seem to be finishing up now in northeast Ohio.

The Gray Treefrogs will continue to call through June and even July, depending on the weather. The Green Frog will also continue to call for several months, perhaps even into September.

Gray Treefrogs:

Green Frogs:

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