sucking the blood of frogs

A couple years ago I posted about leeches eating frog eggs. This year I spotted a struggling juvenile green frog floating near the surface of a pond. It was partway through metamorphosis, with all four legs, but also a long tail. As it slowly rotated in the water, I realized a large leech was attached to its side. I suspect that the green frog may have ultimately been killed by the leech.

Leech attacks metamorphosing green frog

On the same day, I spotted this big male green frog. There are variety of ways to tell a frog’s sex, such as looking at throat color, or for the presence of nuptial pads. In the case of green frogs, mature males are identified by the large size of their tympanum. And right above this male’s tympanum is perched a hungry mosquito.

Male Greenfrog w/ Mosquito

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