Sea Otters in Monterey Bay: Surfing at Sunrise

In the last blog post, I mentioned watching sea otters catching and eating their prey at dawn. On one morning, I watch some surfers sharing the waves with the sea otters. The otters were already in the water when the surfers arrived. From my vantage point on the cliff, I could see that the path of the surfers and otters would cross. What would happen? The otters did not seem to change their behavior around the surfers at all. They just kept floating and eating, diving, floating and eating ….

On the other hand, the surfers appeared quite excited when the otters came past them. Happily the surfers were respectful of the otters and didn’t attempt to bother them. At some points, the surfers and otters were sharing the same wave.

Surfer pointing at Sea Otter:

Surfer with Sea Otter

Sea Otter and surfer catching a wave:

Surfer with Sea Otter

Sea Otter and surfer on the top of a wave:

Surfer with Sea Otter

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