April 2019: the call of the Midland Chorus Frog

The trilling call of the Midland Chorus Frog is often likened to the sound made when you run your thumb over the teeth of a comb. This video from April 2019 gives you a chance to enjoy the call:

Male midland chorus frogs put a lot of effort into their song. The sound is produced when they force air out of their lungs and over their vocal chords.

Here a male rests between calls with his vocal sac deflated:
Calling Male Midland Chorus Frog

Now his vocal sac reaches peak inflation as he calls:
Calling Male Midland Chorus Frog

Two male chorus frogs face off as they battle for the attention of females:
Two male Midland Chorus Frogs

Midland Chorus frogs typically have distinct stripes down their back:
back pattern on Midland Chorus Frog

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