Amphibian and Reptile Coloring Pages

My kids love to color simple line drawings of animals. I often draw animal outlines for them using a pen and paper. But I have also found a tremendous number of great coloring pages online. Some of my favorites include coloring pages from the Virginia Herpetological Society, Gila Ben and the Melbourne Museum. After printing many of these pages, I thought it would be fun to make printable coloring pages of our own. My kids and I went through my photos, and they picked out their favorites. I opened the photos in photoshop elements and created simple outlines of the animals. Then we printed the pages and had fun coloring!

I've put a few of the coloring pages below. You are welcome to print them yourself and use them with your kids or in classrooms. Feel free to share the link to this page with other people. But please don't repost my coloring pages on other websites. And if you would like to use these images in a presentation, be sure to credit me with the images. If you have any questions about these images, or would like to use them for purposes not mentioned above, please contact me, Mike Benard, via email: mfbenard (at) gmail com.

Gray treefrog line drawing for coloring page
pdf of Gray Treefrog coloring page

I observed this Gray Treefrog calling away in Michigan.

metamorphosing pickerel frog line drawing for coloring page
pdf of metamorphosing Pickerel Frog

A metamorphosing Pickerel Frog (Rana palustris) that still has tadpole traits like a tail, but is also developing adult traits like four legs. This froglet is still in the awkward stage between tadpole and adult, but will soon complete metamorphosis.

Spotted salamander line drawing for coloring page
pdf of spotted salamander coloring page

Throughout much of eastern North America, the appearance of Spotted Salamanders is a sign of spring. With the arrival of warm weather, Spotted Salamanders awaken from hibernation, and leave their burrows to migrate through the forest to vernal pools where they will breed and lay eggs.

Larval tiger salamander line drawing for coloring page
pdf of salamander larva coloring page

The feathery objects protruding from the sides of this Tiger Salamander larva's head are gills. Upon metamorphosis the tiger salamander will absorb its gills and rely on its lungs and skin to obtain oxygen.

Venomous cottonmouth snake line drawing for coloring page
pdf of cottonmouth coloring page

Cottonmouths are venomous snakes found in the southeastern and south-central United States. The inside of their mouths have a pale white color. When threatened, they open their mouths in a threat display.

Green snake line drawing for coloring page
pdf of green snake coloring page

Rough green snakes are charismatic little North American snakes with a pleasant green color. They are well-known for attacking and eating insects and spiders.

Lizard Head line drawing for coloring page
pdf of lizard portrait coloring page

I spotted this Agamid Lizard hanging out on a tree trunk in Vietnam's Cuc Phuong National Park.

Toad under mushroom coloring page
pdf of toad sitting under a mushroom

This American Toad waited next to this mushroom while I took its photo. Like many other toads they have distinctive black tadpoles that rapidly develop into tiny toadlets.

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